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Tarot or Oracle Intuitive Readings

with Melani

Please text or come in to the shop to make an appointment! 

  Cost: $35.00     Walk-ins are always welcome!

(I really wanted to call this "Melani tells you stuff you don't want to hear.")

           Reiki Treatments

Melani Anderson, RMT will be taking appointments in the shop for Reiki Healing Sessions. Healing the mind, body and spirit using the Universal Life Force, Reiki is a great way to cleanse and balance your chakras, heal pain and trauma and create love and abundance in your life.

35 mins. for $40

                                           60+ mins. for $55

                    Please text Everything Under the Moon to book an appointment!

Crystal Body Grid Reiki


Crystal Healing Grids are used directly on and around the body to promote grounding, balancing, and deep healing for your mind, emotions, body, and spirit.

35+ mins. for $45

                  Please text Everything Under the Moon to book an appointment!

   Sound Therapy and Balancing

Experience the healing power of sound through the tuning forks. Our practitioner uses the vibrations of the tuning forks to balance and heal the body, mind and spirit.

15 mins. for $15

30 mins. for $30

                 Please text Everything Under the Moon to book an appointment!

     Ministerial Services

We offer Pagan, Wiccan, and non-denominational wedding and marriage services along with more traditional weddings. We believe marriage is a celebration of love between two people and look forward to helping you make your special day perfect with our custom designed ceremonies.

                 Please contact Everything Under the Moon to book a consultation.

Monthly Shamanism Meet Up

Presented by Cheryl Coffey

Join us for a year long exploration of Shamanism! This meet up style class follows the book: "Call of the Sacred Drum, vol. 1: An Introduction to Shamanism"- by Rev. David Robert Cobb. You'll need this text for the meet up.

For more information, see the event page on shop Facebook page @ facebook.com/eutmCookeville

When: 1st Saturday of the month, unless otherwise announced.

                                                                 Time: 1:00-4:00pm

                                                                 Cost: Free

***We do a Shamanic Drum Circle directly after this Meet Up! Check it out from 4:00-6:00pm. You don't need a drum or percussion instrument to participate, we have extra!***

3rd Friday Tarot Meet Up

Please join us for our regular Tarot Meet Up group. Bring your cards and get ready for fun. Each month we'll learn and discuss new decks, new layouts, new readings, and more. Whether you're a novice looking to explore the Tarot or a pro who has lots of good advice and insight to share, all are welcome!

We meet the 3rd Friday of every month, unless otherwise announced from 6:00-8:00pm. Check the shop's Facebook event page for more information. This is a free meet up.