Everything Under the Moon

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3- The Empress

Posted on May 25, 2018 at 3:30 PM

3- The Empress:  (Londa's Description):  A stately lady is graced in a golden robe accented with soft black velvet stars and trim. She nonchalantly clutches her glass scepter to a robe containing intricately woven gold threads. While in her regal pose, a backdrop of transparent, ethereal clouds, stars, and blue violet sky reflects in her crystal ball.

~~~Who are you really?~~~

Londa's Divinatory Meaning:  Very feminine. The divine nature of feminine intuition. Fruitful. Soft but firm nature.

     Reverse Meaning:  Insensitive. Harsh in thought and action towards family. Infertility.

~~~Who are you really?~~~

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