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0- The Fool: This is the beginning...

Posted on May 25, 2018 at 8:00 PM

So I've already procrasinated through almost half of the year already. Since everybody's journey begins where the need is strongest, I'm just going to post these in chronological order, and leave it up to you to chose the order most appropriate for your journey. My own, has lead me to realize that just because my own OCD issues want me to work it in order, the Universe has a very different idea of "in order"...

Blessed journey to you all and hopefully I'll see you on the other side!

~The Londa Tarot starts with an extra card. The figure on the card is asking: "Who are you really?" This card will remain on my altar for the duration of my Shadow Work through Londa's Major Arcana. Each morning, as I activate my Shadow Working Altar, I will ask myself this question, both personally and in relation to my current position in the Major Arcana.

We begin our journey, of course, with card 0. The beginning of our journey: The Fool.

0- The Fool:  (Londa's Description): The Fool has climbed a mountain and just stepped from a jagged cliff's edge, walking through an open door. This is the kind of door that only opens to those who dare to travel far and climb the toughest mountains. It took discipline for the Fool to follow his heart and forget what others said was right for him. He shunned what was considered to be the best advice from others. His clothes appear tattered; his skin is rough and scarred, showing an experienced life. The feathers in his hair signify a symbol of flight. One of the feathers has fallen to his feet. The Fool carelessly exclaims, "So what! I can achieve my flight on one less feather." Maybe it's an arrow pointing to past lessons, reminding him not to forget what he learned to get through the door? A blue-black raven pierces the Fool's leg assuring him he is not in a dream, but that he has actually made it through the door and encourages him to fly on as birds are free to do.

~~~Who are you really?~~~

Londa's Divinatory Meaning:  New adventure. Opportunity beckons. Following your heart, your inner voice. You are being nagged by the spirits. They are tugging at your soul, wanting you to reach the highest levels of your mind. Climb higher, climb harder.

     Reverse Meaning:  Stagnation. Hesitation to believe in yourself. Trusting other's ideas instead of your own.

~~~Who are you really?~~~

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