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Welcome to the place where I can ramble on about whatever crazy thing I'm currently obsessing over. Enter at your own risk!!!

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5- The Hierophant

Posted on March 15, 2019 at 2:30 PM

5- The Hierophant

Keywords: Possible legal matters to attend to. Counseling, settling disputes, upholding tradition, preserving magickal wisdom. Understanding the mysteries of the Craft, furthering your education, uncovering your personal truths.

Deity Associations: Horus, Jupiter, Mithras, the Sage.

Astrological Association: Taurus

Questions: 1) Who are my mentors and teachers guiding me to higher knowledge? 2) What spiritual discipline will aid by soul-searching quest? 3) How can I strengthen my bonds to a fellowship, sisterhood, brotherhood, or esoteric order?

Affirmations: “In silence, I hear the inner voice of my higher self.” “I am a seeker of the sacred hidden in the material world.”

Element: Earth

Reverse Meaning: Receiving unreliable or unsuitable advice, making a hasty or poor decision, expecting others to make decisions for you.

Specific Symbolism: Triple Crown of the Pope: symbolizes that he is the master of the sacred mysteries. Attainment, mastery. The will.

Seated between Two Pillars: one is black and one is white representing duality and balance.

Triple Cross Scepter: symbol of faith, hope, and love.

Crossed Keys at His Feet: hidden doctrine- one is silver and one is gold- representing the solar and lunar currents of radiant energy.

Two Initiates Kneel before Him: rite of passage or initiation to the next level of spiritual wisdom.

Right Hand held in an Ecclesiastical Sign: called the Sign of Esotericism. It distinguishes between the manifested and concealed part of the sacred doctrine.

***The Hierophant represents traditional teaching which is suited to the masses, while the High Priestess only to the initiated. He is the ruling power of external religion.***

“He is the maker and follower of rules. He is a man of routine. He has his processes his plans, and his routines. He helps all that he can through structural guidance. He is removed from his surroundings.”- Zach Wong, Revelations Tarot

4- The Emperor

Posted on March 15, 2019 at 2:25 PM

4- The Emperor

Keywords: Leader of a family or coven. Father figure, family man, loving husband, and/ or father. Sovereignty, reason. Masculine energy, protection. A responsible and balanced person.

Deity Associations: Osiris, Zeus, Jupiter, Divine Father

Astrological Associations: Aries

Questions: 1) As I embody my ability to create abundance and power in the world, what new foundation an I building within my life? 2) Am I awake and willing to examine the truth of world affairs and political agendas, even if my questioning prompts me to look into my own us of power, monetary security, and comfort? 3) What does true authority look like to me?

Affirmations: “My ability to discern the difference between the illusion of power and true empowerment has become keen and integral.” “I detach myself from the vale of illusions that haunts the material world.”

Element: Fire

Reverse Meaning: Lack of self-discipline, authority issues, inferiority, issues with parents, emotional immaturity.

Specific Symbolism: Throne adorned with Ram’s heads: symbol of Mars and denotes Kingship. The throne of intellect, lordship of thought and reason rather than emotions. The subconscious.

Ankh Scepter/ Cross of Life in Right Hand: the scepter causes the powers of darkness to fall back. Egyptian symbol of life and regeneration. Combines the masculine and the feminine.

Globe held in Left Hand: symbol of dominion. Orb of the World. A traditional symbol of the Earth dominated by the Lord or the Spirit.

Mountains in the background: Stark landscape represents the sterility of regulation and unyielding power. Indicate the cold, abstract principles of mathematics behind and above all warm, colorful, and vital activities of cosmic manifestation. Heights of abstract thought, wisdom, and understanding.

“He is the ruler of all. He holds power effortlessly in his hands. He commands. He controls. He dominates.”- Zach Wong, Revelations Tarot

III- The Empress

Posted on February 28, 2019 at 3:40 PM

3- The Empress

Keywords: Mother aspect. Bringing new ideas into existence. Feminine power, love, sexuality, motherhood, fertility, birth, creativity. Hearth and home, protecting love in your life, full moon magick. The power of Nature.

Deity Associations: Aphrodite/ Venus, Demeter, Gaia, Isis, Inanna, Mother Nature, the Mother Goddess, Selene

Astrological Associations: Venus

Questions: 1) What new treasures am I birthing in my life at this time?

                    2) In what way does the Empress mirror my own life destiny?

Affirmations: “I am a reflection of the bounty of Nature; each day my life is colored by the potentials hidden within the magick eggs in the Empress’ basket.”

                      “The story of my life unfolds in perfect timing as I manifest the dream of my life.”

Element: Earth

Reverse Meaning: Domestic problems, infertility, problems with parental or romantic relationships. Inaction, possibility of war and destruction.

Specific Symbolism: Field of wheat- growth and fertility, abundance, prosperity.

Crown of stars- the 12 stars represent the signs of the zodiac.

Necklace of pearls- the 9 classic planets; basic, organic creativity.

Heart shaped copper shield- symbolic of Venus (copper is the metal of Venus). Reminder to protect and shield the love in our lives.

Matronly/ pregnant woman- fertility of the Mother aspect.

Waterfall or river- the gift of life flowing from Nature. Represents change. Sacred feminine.

Scepter- represents the Earth/ World, denotes Her power in the natural world.

Seated on a throne- links here the Great Mother Goddesses like Demeter and Isis.

Forest- also a link to the power and fertility of Nature and the sacred feminine.

*She is the symbol of production through the female principle; growth and organization in the Natural World; Universal fertility; the symbol of the heart (or what you believe in your heart).

**”She is the mother of all things. She nurtures all within her grasp with her generous giving nature and her overabundance of joy. She brims full of life and life revolves around her.”- Zach Wong, Revelations Tarot

II- The High Priestess

Posted on February 28, 2019 at 3:35 PM

2- The High Priestess

Keywords: Mystery, hidden knowledge, hidden influences. Maiden aspect. Neutrality, initiation, wisdom. Female mysteries.

Deity Associations: Artemis/ Diana, Persephone the Maiden

Astrological Associations: Moon

Questions: 1) Am I able to hear the messages of my heart?

                     2) If I took time each day to water my own garden of spiritual destiny, what would I love to do the most?

                     3) What are the visions in my life that I must focus on in order that my creations come to fruition?

Affirmations: “I am protected by the love of the Divine Mother that overlights me each and every day.”

                        “I listen to my heart’s desire for these are the messages of Divine purpose and creativity.”

                        “The heavens above shine down the beauty of my highest potential.”

Element: Water

Reverse Meaning: Out of balance. Repressed feelings. Refusal to learn and grow, unrecognized potential.

Specific Symbolism: She sits between 2 pillars (one white and one black)- represents the Gates to the Sacred Temple of positive and negative, light and dark. Black pillar- “Boaz” (Hebrew) represents the negative life principle, and the white pillar- “Jakin” (Hebrew) represents the positive.

Scroll in her lap- The “Torah” or “Divine Law”. Half covered by a veil- thus illuminating that only half the mystery of being that can be comprehended. Scroll is half unrolled- for the instruction contained therein is hidden, except for a partial glimpse, from the ordinary human eye.

Solar cross on her dress- shows union of the positive and negative life elements.

Crescent Moon at her feet and diadem or triple moon crown- representative of her Maiden aspect of the Moon.

Veil behind her decorated with pomegranates (female) and palms (male)- The subconscious is only potentially reproductive. Only when this veil is penetrated by conscious desires, can creativity be actualized.

*The High Priestess signifies intuition, harmony, wisdom on the spiritual plane, authority, ethical advice, the moral or religious path, calmness, and stillness. She is the balancing power between initiative and resistance.

**”She patiently waits for things to unravel. She is in control of all things in her life. While the world around her is in constant motion, she stands firm in her ground of logic and allows her intuition to guide her through.”- Zach Wong, Revelations Tarot

I- The Magician

Posted on February 28, 2019 at 3:30 PM

1- The Magician

Keywords: As above, So below. Skill, determination, confidence. Strength of will. The Hermetic Principle of Correspondence. Wisdom, power, manifestation.

Deity Associations: Hermes, Thoth, Mercury, Hermes Trimegestus

Astrological Associations: Mercury

Questions: 1) What tools of my trade, resources for my business, or aspects of my professional life have been ignored or need reinforcement?

                    2) How can I grow and evolve my talent for...?

                    3) When the lamp of consciousness is turned on, what do I see illuminated in my mind?

Affirmations: “I am building my world on the magick contained within the four elements.”

                        “I think, therefore I am.”

Element: Air

Reverse Meaning: Lack of confidence, poor communication with others, manipulative magick. Weakness, indecision.

Specific Symbolism: Infinity symbol over head- symbol for eternal life.

Symbols of the four Elements on the table- balance of the natural elements.

Snake eating its own tale as a belt- symbol of eternity; the endless circle; ourobourous.

Wand in right hand- commonly the projective hand, the hand of action.

One hand raised and one pointing down- drawing down from above and directing it into manifestation, or grounding. As above, so below.

Roses and lilies in back/ foreground- cultivation of desires.

*The Magician himself represents the personal will in it’s union with the Divine, which then has the knowledge and power to bring things into manifestation through conscious self-awareness.

**”He brings together all elements as he is the catalyst of all. He is the energy that drives; the only one who sparks interest. He is charming, he is witty, and he is at home with the world around him.” Zach Wong, Revelations Tarot

0- The Fool

Posted on February 28, 2019 at 3:25 PM

0- The Fool

Keywords: Follow your Bliss. Adventure, fresh starts, exploration, a journey. New ideas; take a chance, chase your dreams, a leap of faith. The beginning of a Spiritual Quest; exploring a new magickal path or tradition.

Deity Associations: None, because the Fool represents humanity.

Astrological Associations: Uranus

Questions: 1) What is ready to be set free and reborn within my life?

                     2) What aspects of the future call out to me?

                     3) How can I make my life more passionate and free?

Affirmations: “I am ready to let go of the past and set my life free.”

                       “I cast my shadow to the light and open to new possibilities.”

Element: Air

Reverse Meaning: Irresponsibility, recklessness. The choice made is likely faulty.

Specific Symbolism: Newly rising Sun- the beginning/ end of a journey.

Stepping off a cliff into nothingness- a leap of faith.

Dog (or animal) at the feet of the Fool- 1) could represent a companion or a friend. 2) Could also represent the past and the dog tugging on the Fool’s clothing could also indicate being held back by the past.

Wand over right shoulder- projective hand/ side commonly.

Purse/ wallet/ pouch sealed with a magickal symbol/ pentacle draped over the wand- protective element (pentacle, Earth & wand, Air), mountains (Earth), Sun (Fire).

White rose in hand- represents freedom from lower forms of desire, innocence.

On top of the mountain range is the cliff- new beginning, top of the world, full of endless possibilities. Wisdom and understanding.

Gazing upward towards the sky- High ideas or ideals.

*Placement of the Sun varies from (Rider-Waite); the Sun shining at the Fools back to the Sun (color our own) shining or lighting the way, or possibly leading the Fool to his or her first steps to enlightenment.

**”He is a free spirit without worry and full of optimism while embarking on a new journey. He sees the world with fresh new eyes. His views are unconventional.”- Zach Wong, Revelations Tarot

21- The World

Posted on September 13, 2018 at 3:15 PM

21- The World: (Londa's Description):  High in the sky, floating on a wreath, rising above it all with undying confidence, a woman sails the wind. She is commanding her way to the stars, to her goal. Nothing gets in her way. The sky in not even the limit.

~Who are you really?

Londa's Divinatory Meaning:  Wordly accomplishment. Trophies. Ultimate success from sacrifice and hard work.

                          Reverse:  Lazy. Wanting everything for nothing.

~Who are you really?

20- Judgement

Posted on September 13, 2018 at 3:10 PM

20- Judgement: (Londa's Description):   Wake up call! Your guardian angel has arrived. Rewards for past dues are heading your way. You will be guided to it.

~Who are you really?

Londa's Divinatory Meaning:  Justification. You have earned your wings.

                                      Reverse:  Everything going wrong. Detachment. Depression.

~Who are you really?

19- The Sun

Posted on September 13, 2018 at 3:00 PM

19- The Sun: (Londa's Description):  Bathed in the essence of the Sun's radiance, a creature signals silence. Shhh, quiet yourself and feel the warmth. Feel the serenity. Fulfillment is arriving.

~Who are you really?

Londa's Divinatory Meaning:  Birth. Life. Happiness. Good relationship.

                                Reverse:   Not enough nurturing. Loneliness, even in a relationship.

~Who are you really?

18- The Moon

Posted on September 13, 2018 at 2:55 PM

18- The Moon: (Londa's Description):  Like a sharply dressed snake oil salesman, this tattooed, masked marauder looks at you with shifty eyes, beckoning you to buy his scheme. "Buy these beautiful gems", he says; that are really just colored glass.

~Who are you really?

Londa's Divinatory Meaning:  A jester at best. Illusive manipulation for selfish purposes.

                              Reverse:  Be alert, aware, and cautious. Someone is contemplating putting one over on you.

~Who are you really?