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Thanks for visiting!

Thank you for visiting the Everything Under the Moon website! Please come and see us in the Student Resource Center, we'd love to see you!

We have restructured and have changed our focus from the retail grind to an open Student Resource Center. Our goal has always been education! We're moving closer to that dream everyday. The Student Resource Center is open to students of all spiritual paths. We will be scheduling more classes and activities and will supply you with the tools you need to further you on your path to the Divine. Since the new location is on Private Property we won't be posting the address in the public forum. Please feel free to text the number below for directions.

We carry a wonderful array of handmade items, made by local artists!  From books, stones, jewelry, resin spell blends, bath and body, incense and candles to handcarved staffs and wands, there is something here to nourish every spirit!

Over the coming year we will be hosting classes to teach you many different skills. Everything from History of the Craft to making your own incense, tools, candles, and spell blends. Classes on the medicinal and magickal uses of herbs and essential oils, Gods and Goddesses, Dragons, and stones. We're even having classes to teach you how to build your own Cobb House!

The C. R. Wolff Memorial Spiritual Research Library is open and available for use on the days we are open. (We're working on the Borrower/ Card program.) The library contains books from all spiritual paths. You're more than welcome to come in and read, take notes, or make copies/ take photos of the books.

***When planning your trip out to the Center, please keep in  mind that all class times and hours are in the Central Time Zone. Please plan your travel times appropriately!***

All classes and meet ups will take place here at the shop. Space is very limited! Pre-registration for classes are the only way to guarantee you a seat! If the class or event fills up and you haven't prepaid for a space, you'll be turned away at the door. The Shop is CLOSED during all classes!

***We have moved to Private Property and would advise anyone coming to the Center's new location: 1) Private Property  2) 1st Amendment  3) TN Stand Your Ground Law  4) Per #3, I'm 100% sure I can take you! If you come bearing no ill will, you have nothing to worry about. For our over zealous, religious fanatics, the law is 100% on my side.

(And just a side note for our 3 regular trolls, I've kept every piece of email and message you've ever sent me. I'm sending them [with your names] to every pastor of every church in Middle Tennessee so they can know who in their congregations are truly disgusting, hateful people!)

On-Going Goodies!

1st Saturday Shamanism Meet Up- 3:00-5:00pm- presented by Cheryl Coffey- see Services page for more information.

1st Saturday Drum Circle-  5:00- 7:00pm- Immediately following our Shamanism Meet Up.

3rd Friday Tarot Meet Up- 5:00-7:00pm

Please check the Services Page for dates and times and more information. 

Cookeville, TN  38501
Text only- 931-783-3488
Please text or message me on Facebook
for the address/ directions.

Student Center Hours

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: 12:00pm-6:00pm

Friday: 12:00pm-6:00pm

Saturday: 12:00pm-6:00pm

Sunday: Closed


2018 Class Schedule

October 4, 2018:  Witchcraft 101-6

5:00-7:00pm   Cost: $15

This class is part of an on-going series and are independent, stand-alone classes. The topics of this months class are, but are not limited to: Connecting with Your Personal Deities, The Wiccan Rede, Channeling, The Witches' Pyramid, Magickal Energy, Grounding, Things to Keep in Mind.

October 11, 2018: Witchcraft 101-6 ENCORE   5:00- 7:00pm   Cost:  $15

This is an ENCORE presentation of the October class. If the first class sold out or you were unable to attend the first Thursday class, you may attend on this date. See class description above.

October 13, 2018:  Herbal First Aid Kit with Starr   Time: TBD       Cost: $TBD

Learn about and how to use these basic, and not so basic herbs to heal and enhance your life.

November 1, 2018:  Witchcraft 101-7

5:00- 7:00pm         Cost: $15

The topics of this months class are, but are not limited to: A Witch's Magickal Cabinet, A Basic Magickal Inventory, Where to Find Magickal Stuff, The Power of Myth, Practical Exercise TBA, Grounding, Things to Keep in Mind.

November 8, 2018:  Witchcraft 101-7

ENCORE    5:00- 7:00pm   Cost: $15

This is an ENCORE presentation of the November class. If the first Thursday class was sold out, or you were unable to attend, you may attend on this date. See class description above.

Upcoming Events

      Happy Mabon!!!

       Rejoice and celebrate the harvest! When the dark and light are equal and the Earth is being blessed with abundance.  Blessed Be!